Customer service is our foundation and at the core of our business.

Customer service is our foundation and at the core of our business.

In the realm of consumer choices, the chasm between customer satisfaction and brand loyalty is pronounced. As modern consumers, we navigate through a vast expanse of options, often to the point of feeling overwhelmed. It is within this context that we hold the customer experience at the forefront of our product creation.

With each product we conceive, our focus gravitates towards the customer's experience. We strive not just to meet but to anticipate the needs of our patrons, weaving a tapestry of positivity in every interaction.

The journey has been anything but effortless, acknowledging our occasional missteps and learning moments. Yet, paramount to my team and I is the cultivation of an unswerving IYLIA community, a constellation of loyalty that shines brighter each day.

Amidst our aspirations, your feedback stands as a pivotal cornerstone. The burgeoning and steadfast IYLIA community holds a special place in our hearts, and your unwavering support fuels our drive. Your voices matter, and we relish the chorus of opinions that resonate with us.

Our dedicated Customer Experience team stands ready, offering their assistance five days a week, Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm PST. Swift responses within a 24-hour span are our commitment to your inquiries. For matters concerning orders, please connect with us via or call 855.964.4562. For broader business inquiries, reach out to us at

For a real-time immersion into our evolving brand narrative, we invite you to accompany us on our journey via Instagram @IYLIAOfficial. There's an exciting tapestry of innovations unfurling on the horizon.

With heartfelt regards,Cheers to shared experiences and boundless possibilities,