IYLIA x Wine Enthusiast

IYLIA x Wine Enthusiast

Indulge in the world of IYLIA wines, where the true testament lies in the pour. Resonating with the voices of wine enthusiasts, IYLIA has garnered remarkable acclaim from none other than Wine Enthusiast!

Savor the enchantment of IYLIA Moscatel Macabeo, boasting an impressive score of 91 points. Immerse yourself in the symphony of flavors this exquisite varietal offers, a true masterpiece of the vine.

Delight in the sophistication of IYLIA Chardonnay, basking in the glow of a well-deserved 90 points. Allow the harmonious notes of this wine to dance on your palate, a testament to the artistry of IYLIA's winemaking.

Bask in the allure of IYLIA Monastrell Rosé, capturing attention with a respectable 86 points. Let the delicate hues of this rosé transport you to a realm of elegance and delight.

Our hearts swell with elation and gratitude for this recognition. We are honored to share these exceptional wines with you, and the accolades from Wine Enthusiast further ignite our passion.

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Cheers to a remarkable journey ahead!