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IYLIA *Wine Enthusiast-rated Tres Trifecta



Our exclusive collection is a true masterpiece, showcasing distinctive flavor profiles that perfectly complement both exquisite meals and life's finer moments. We meticulously choose only the finest ingredients, ensuring an unparalleled experience. The IYLIA Tres Trifecta, hailed by Wine Enthusiast with an Exceptional rating, represents the pinnacle of perfection within our exceptional collection. Cheers to the art of indulgence!  

1 Bottle of our IYLIA Moscatel Macabeo – rated by Wine Enthusiast 91 Pts
IYLIA Moscatel Macabeo - This golden-hued wine offers a bouquet of lemon zest, bergamot flower and mandarin orange. There is a beautiful floral note underlying citrus and tropical fruit flavors that flood the palate. The bright finish is marked with a note of passion fruit.— Wine Enthusiast

1 Bottle of our IYLIA Chardonnay - rated by Wine Enthusiast 90 Pts
IYLIA Chardonnay - This wine has nectarine, pineapple and almond toffee on the nose. Flavors of Bartlett pear, custard apple, rose petal and caramel end in a lemon zest finish. — Wine enthusiast

1 Bottle of our IYLIA Monastrell Rosé rated by Wine Enthusiast 86 Pts
IYLIA Monastrell Rosé - This deep pink wine has aromas of apricot and caramel. It offers a sensation of fullness on the palate, with flavors of strawberry, raspberry, dried thyme and oregano. The finish combines bright fruits and pleasant herbal notes. —Wine enthusiast