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IYLIA Monastrell Rosé


IYLIA Monastrell Rosé wine comes from the Valencian region of Spain, crafted by a family-owned winery with a millennia of traditional winemaking experience.  We use the Monastrell grape variety.  Also known by its French synonym, Mourvèdre, which is a thick-skinned, red wine grape with a full body and intense, yet elegant, flavor profile.

"Wine Enthusiast says: This deep-pink-colored wine has aromas of apricot and butterscotch. It offers a sense of fullness on the palate, with flavors of strawberry, raspberry, and dried thyme and oregano. The finish combines bright fruit and pleasant herbal notes." 

We chose this vibrant grape variety for its stunningly refined taste.  We've captured the luscious black fruit flavors of plum, cherry, raspberry, and strawberry by controlling the temperature of our fermentation process.  In so doing, we preserve the grape's aroma, which highlights and enhances the strength and flavor of every sip.  The result is a stunningly refined flavor.

IYLIA. It's elegance you can taste.

A vibrantly rich watermelon hue.

Intense wild berry notes - raspberry, strawberry, blueberry.

A balanced, smooth, fruity flavor profile with a long silky finish.

Food Pairing
Superb pairing with any entrée serves as an excellent aperitif, perfect with fish or poultry.

Best served Chilled