Layla-Joy Williams, the founder of IYLIA, is a creative powerhouse changing the game with her luxury brand. From her signature footwear collection to her latest venture into the luxury beverage space, Layla-Joy's attention to detail and passion for producing phenomenal products is evident in everything she creates. Her ability to blend femininity and edginess into her work provides the unique sophistication of her luxury brand.

“If you’ve been paying a lot for good wine, you’ve been doing it all wrong.”


We started with the belief that luxury beverages should be an affordable indulgence. IYLIA, produced in the Valencian region of Spain, utilizes a millennia of experience to create a collection with intense flavors, full body, and charming structures. Our collection is both modern and timeless — it’s elegance you can taste.


Our signature collection is a masterpiece with unique flavor profiles perfect for pairing with food or life. We are highly selective with our ingredients to ensure that we produce only the best. The superiority of Spain is its temperate climate which consistently yields only the best produce and guarantees luscious harvests, which produce a collection that is sure to delight the senses.


We’ve tapped into the generations-long experience of family-owned facilities, where we craft our luxurious collection. Each piece in our collection has withstood a rigorous process through hundreds of tastings, to develop the delicately crafted products we provide. The result is IYLIA’s uniquely exceptional collection.