Layla-Joy Williams has become recognized for her ability to translate trends in a way that feels both feminine and edgy.... as evident in the creation of her luxury brand, IYLIA, with which she’s delivered her signature footwear collection to the world - and she’s continued to use that same acute attention to detail and drive to produce a phenomenal collection of product in the creation of her luxury IYLIA brand.

“If you’ve been paying a lot for good wine, you’ve been doing it all wrong.”


We believe good wine should be an affordable indulgence. Valencian wines have a reputation for intense flavors with body, structure, and a relatively high alcohol content. Our collection is both modern and timeless. It’s elegance you can taste.


Crafted with centuries-long wine and beer-making traditions alongside skilled artisans

Our signature IYLIA Collection is comprised of unique flavor profiles, perfect for pairing with food or life

• We’ve chosen to grow our wine grapes in the temperate climate of the Valencia region of Spain because it is conducive to producing a superior harvest.


We've tapped into the generations-long experience of the region's family-owned wineries and breweries to craft our luxurious wines with distinct, balanced flavor profiles. 

Developing the taste of each variety is a collaborative process and goes through several iterations.

The result is IYLIA's beautifully bottled, exceptional product collection.