A sophisticated collection of sleek and sexy footwear, IYLIA is inspired by the vibrant colors, rich textures and sharp silhouettes as found on our extensive world travels. Our approach is to create Seasonless collections so that our brand transitions as effortlessly as you do. The collection embraces the differences in cultures, trends and fashions found across the globe, expressing these unique elements through an assortment of lavish materials, interesting lines and one-of-a-kind details.

Designed for the on-the-go woman who wakes up in one city and goes to bed in another, and the woman who longs for footwear versatile enough to keep up with her fast-paced lifestyle. With this sentiment in mind, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating the highest level of wearability with IYLIA.

We’ve created the consummate Desk to Dinner collection.

Each piece captures a complex vision of glamorous, indulgent footwear that doesn’t sacrifice practicality, enabling women to look and feel fabulous all day and all night. Shoes are our art and we strive to make every piece a masterpiece. Our focus is on crafting shoes that are designed to be sexy.

Our shoes elongate the legs because of our careful placement of elegant lines and positioning of straps. We also focus on the pitch and arch of each construction, and culminate all of these elements with the use of sculpted heels and rich leathers and materials.

It takes courage to conceptualize a vision and bring a collection to fruition. We are endlessly grateful for all of the women who have the courage to chase their dreams – as it inspires us to chase ours…. We launched IYLIA in the Spring of 2015, and since then we’ve dedicated ourselves to evolving our brand – as we’re on an endless search for Perfection.

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