Crafting Excellence: A Collection Rooted in Tradition

We started with the belief that luxury beverages should be an affordable indulgence. Produced in Spain, IYLIA leverages millennia of expertise to curate a collection renowned for its intense flavors, full-bodied richness, and captivating structures. Our range seamlessly blends contemporary sophistication with timeless appeal — it's elegance you can taste.

Our signature collection is a masterpiece with unique flavor profiles perfect for pairing with food or life. We are highly selective with our ingredients to ensure that we produce only the best. Taking advantage of Spain's superior temperate climate, we consistently yield luscious harvests that delight the senses and guarantee an exceptional experience with every sip.

Our Give Back



At IYLIA, our vision is to foster sustainable social change because we are driven by the belief in creating a more compassionate society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. We hold firm to the conviction that every individual deserves a life free from poverty, oppression, and injustice.

Through our dedicated commitment to sustainable social change, we aim to empower communities, champion equity, and nurture a culture of compassion and kindness. We aspire to inspire others to join us in our mission, envisioning a ripple effect of positive change that will resonate across generations. Throughout the year, we collaborate with diverse organizations that share our mission to effect positive change in the world.

Our Contribution:

For every purchase made, $1 will be contributed to The Deliver Fund, an organization dedicated to combating human trafficking within the United States. Growing up, we were instilled with the values of aiding those in need and endeavoring to leave the world a better place than we found it. It is with great pride that we align ourselves with such a noble cause. Click here to discover more about this remarkable and life-altering organization. IYLIA channels all charitable contributions through our partner, Simple Generosity, a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization in the U.S. (EIN 47-5570019).


Layla-Joy Williams, the visionary behind IYLIA, embodies creativity and innovation, revolutionizing the luxury market with her brand. Whether through her iconic footwear line or her recent foray into luxury beverages, Layla-Joy's commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of her creations. Seamlessly fusing femininity with edgy flair, she crafts products that exude sophistication, setting her luxury brand apart.

Quality Is Our Priority

Our signature collection is a masterpiece with unique flavor profiles perfect for pairing with food or life. We are highly selective with our ingredients to ensure that we produce only the best. The superiority of Spain is its temperate climate which consistently yields only the best produce and guarantees luscious harvests, which produce a collection that is sure to delight the senses.


Is Ecologically Produced


Is Family Owned and Managed


Our collection is crafted in Spain, with our grapes grown on-site where the product is meticulously made.

H. Collins

"As a sommelier, I have high standards when it comes to wine. This collection not only meets but exceeds those standards. The attention to detail in every aspect of production is evident in each glass, making it a must-have for any connoisseur's cellar."

Evelyn Mitchell

"Each sip of this luxurious wine collection transports you to a realm of opulence and sophistication. From the rich, velvety texture to the complex and layered flavors, every bottle is a masterpiece waiting to be savored"

Olivia Martinez

"This wine collection embodies luxury in every sense of the word. With its rich flavors and smooth finish, it's perfect for any occasion. I can't recommend it highly enough! I really like the packaging too... beautifully high end… You don’t want to open it it’s so beautiful”