IYLIA By The Glass

IYLIA By The Glass
It's been almost four years since I made the unexpected move to Spain, and it has profoundly changed my life.

The highlights of this region are plentiful: the stable climate, abundant sunshine, being immersed in a world proud of its unwavering dedication to preserving the deep cultural tapestry of its traditions, and the exquisitely vibrant culinary landscape throughout Spain. It has deeply impacted me and changed my perspective on life.

Visually, this part of the world is breathtaking. The lush greenery and vibrant landscapes define the very essence of Spain. It's a majestic visual spectacle that never fails to captivate.

The quality of life here is unparalleled. Even after four years, I remain in awe of the emphasis on maintaining a work/life balance. Work is undoubtedly secondary in Spain; holidays and vacations are non-negotiable for Europeans.

And so, certainly for me (a New Yorker whose career has been the centerpiece of my entire adult life), it is like living on another planet. Operating a business in an environment where the quality of life is prioritized is certainly challenging at times.

However, it was all of these disparate pieces that influenced my decision to base IYLIA out of Spain. IYLIA is my offering and essentially a 'Taste of Spain'.

I knew that if I could harness the incredible elements of this region - the seas, the sun, the temperate climate, the dedication, the quality, and the tradition - and pair it with my passion for ensuring a focus on quality and production standards, IYLIA would be an incredible collection. And it is....

Spain was, in fact, the perfect place to launch IYLIA, especially because the dedication to the tradition of gastronomy is unmatched.

I decided to create this IYLIA By the Glass newsletter to bring you on this ride with me... to share a little of what it's like to build a business like mine overseas (sharing a little about my life here in Europe) as we launch IYLIA around the world. It's been a thrilling ride. Even the seemingly mundane things are kind of cool.

I am also going to share some of the thrilling products that I’m working on and launching very soon…. Our IYLIA Premium Rosé Non-Alcoholic Sparkling, which is truly fantastic!

I've had the pleasure of thoroughly researching the non-alcoholic category landscape. Developing this range has been a two-year-long endeavor. I am so proud of this offering (produced in the Northern region of Spain), and I think you'll be very pleased too!

Look out for our Cava coming soon!

Additionally, our first piece from our sumptuous Organic Spanish scented candle collection - LA LLAMA has been widely received.  It has hints of smoky oak and warm spices, which to me is reminiscent of Spain. I know you'll love it!

So, here's to a year filled with innovation, growth, and the vibrant spirit of Spain!

IYLIA. Designed in New York. Made in Spain....


Layla-Joy Williams

Owner, IYLIA




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