IYLIA Organic Scented Candle | La Llama (the flame) | 300gr

IYLIA Organic Scented Candle | La Llama (the flame) | 300gr

I'm curating the IYLIA with care and passion as we expand our offerings, creating the 'ambiance' of the collection.  When I first conceptualized IYLIA's organic scented collection, I envisioned making something unique. Throughout the production journey, I collaborated with several candle makers to find the perfect partner for our inaugural offering, LA LLAMA (the flame). I'm drawn to scents that make a statement - I love spicy and feminine fragrances, but I prefer something more subtle with hints of smoke for everyday use. There's something magical about filling every room with delightful scents.

After extensive exploration, I'm thrilled to announce our collaboration with FOX & WOLF here in Spain for our IYLIA collection. Our debut offering, LA LLAMA, is simply exquisite. I've yet to encounter a scent quite like it—spicy, sensual, and utterly captivating. It strikes the perfect balance, offering intensity without overwhelming the senses, allowing you to appreciate its texture and depth truly.

During the development process, I often find myself surrounded by liquid samples of the candles, unable to resist spraying them all around me. I'm working on a fragrance set to launch in the coming weeks. I'm learning so much from Ryan and Scott. They're true artisans in candle making, ensuring every aspect, from the burning process to the fragrance application, is perfected for an intense, long-lasting, yet subtle experience.

It's been an incredible learning journey, and I'm confident you'll fall in love with the result. I'd love to hear your thoughts once you've experienced it. Let's ignite some scented magic together!







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